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Airtronix is the LEADING company to partner with for AHU Refurbishment projects. We pride ourselves in our refurbishment experience and expertise, and no project is out of our range of knowledge and capability. AHU refurbishments are vital for maintaining optimal equipment performance and lifecycle, and the benefits of are well worth the time and energy. We guarantee a refurbished unit to have a performance life of 20-30 years, working to calculate, deliver, and maximize energy savings with a higher return on investment. 

We understand the need for equipment to be maintained and repaired in order to provide outstanding performance, and we strive to provide our customers with the guarantee of a better than new, cost effective and optimally sustainable air handler. 

AHU Refurbishment


A healthcare refurbishment project allows for the bypass of an OSHPD inspection, already being up to current code. It allows for a quicker turnaround time due to not needing to hire a structural and design engineer, obtain building permits, and have inspection services. Airtronix will design the scope, as well as run the project in-house with our staff, engineers, and contractors. 

We can Help you achieve higher energy savings by:

  • Improving air flow through new coil installation

  • Higher motor efficiency

  • Installing VFD’s on supply and return fan

  • Replacing failed dampers with new and electric actuators

  • Control logic installed reset schedules

Before - After Refurbishment


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