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Airtronix is the leading company to partner with for AHU Refurbishment projects. We pride ourselves in our refurbishment experience and expertise, and no project is out of our range of knowledge and capability. AHU refurbishments are vital for maintaining optimal equipment performance and lifecycle, and the benefits are well worth the time and energy. We guarantee a refurbished unit to have a performance life of 20-30 years, working to calculate, deliver, and maximize energy savings with a higher return on investment. 


To ensure optimal equipment performance and to increase equipment life, Airtronix provides preventative maintenance contracts and repairs that are specified to meet your facility’s needs. To keep systems operating at their peak performance, repair and maintenance is often a more economical option than replacement of a large system. Our highly trained and experienced service technicians will be available to provide 24/7 customer service with a 2-hour response period to your facility. Having a service and preventative maintenance agreement with Airtronix helps assure you that your needs will be priority and handled with an approach that delivers the most value to you.


Proper installation of any HVAC mechanical system is vital in order to obtain the most efficient performance. Our technicians follow a comprehensive procedure to ensure that your system operates at its optimal levels. Airtronix offers capabilities to install any type of HVAC system from pipework, valves, drainage, coils, and ductwork of any size.  You name it, we can do it. As we do with any project, Airtronix works with you, from the planning, scheduling, demolition, fabricating and installing. 


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