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​Hoag Hospital Irvine, CA


  • Air Handler Rebuild

  • Replace all Registers 

Hoag Hospital​Aliso Viejo, CA



  • Unit Change Out

The Marquee
Irvine, CA




  • 20 HP VFD


Downey Medical Center   
Downey, CA 
  • Air Handler Rebuild
Hoag Hospital 

Newport beach, CA




  • 100 HP Motor Replacement
  • Replace Evaporation Coils and Expansion Valves for Walk-In Coolers
Permaswage Gardena, CA





  • 15 Ton Package Unit
  • IT A/C Unit Change Out


Hollywood Standard
Los Angeles, CA 
  • Cooling Tower Replacement


Long Beach Convention Center  Long Beach, CA 
  • 12x Exhaust Fan Replacement


La Sierra University School of Business
  • AHU, tanks, pumps and chiller replacement 


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